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Amputated Souls

Amputated Souls explores the subject of the assault upon human rights and human freedom by psychiatrists and the clinical methods they use. The book traces the history of lobotomy and ECT from their invention in southern Europe in the 1930s, under fascist and authoritarian regimes, to the present day. The alarming growth in the use of antipsychotic drugs, which often have devastating side effects, is also surveyed.

This book combines personal accounts of the author’s encounters with psychiatrists and mental illness with a thoroughgoing history of the use of various treatments (such as lobotomy and electroconvulsive therapy) by mental health professionals. There is also a chapter dedicated to the portrayal of the psychiatric profession in fiction, autobiography and film, which aims to illustrate how psychiatry has penetrated popular culture and just how deeply its transgressions have affected those subjected to its methods.


'Anthony James uses clear language to lay out the story of the inhumane treatments that have blighted the reputation of modern psychiatry. He tells the story of its horrible history and draws parallels between its use in the totalitarian regimes of the Twentieth Century and its use as a method of control in Western societies for those who 'do not fit in'.
There can be no greater attack on liberty than the assault perpetrated on the human brain by those that govern us, or those into whose care we entrust our health. It is this vital liberty, Anthony James argues, that has been systematically removed from the most vulnerable of patients that have passed into the care of our psychiatric hospitals. This book should be read by anyone who is setting out on a career in psychiatry and has been given the standard texts to study. It will also be of invaluable help to those who were the patients, who so often feel isolated and alone in their experience.' — James Maw, author and journalist.

The Happy Passion

Did you think philosophy is boring and not for you?  Not at all!  Jacob Bronowski was at the heart of some of the most exciting and terrible events of the last hundred years.  My article on him appeared in The Philosopher in autumn 2008, and my full length book on him The Happy Passion was published in Britain and America in 2011 by Imprint Academic. 

Bronowski lived through what he described as 'the two great catastrophes of the twentieth century:  the rise of Hitler in 1933 and the dropping of the atomic bombs in 1945', and yet the keynote of his life was an enduring optimism.  He was a professional scientist, scientific administrator, poet, philosopher, dramatist and television and radio personality - a rare figure in our cultural history!

Jacob Bronowski visits Auschwitz

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Life and the Limestone Dragon

Life and the Limestone Dragon on the Gower peninsula, west of Swansea, was published in 2010, also by Green Arrow Publishing.  This book is a memoir and volume of reminiscences that describes the significance of Gower - one of the most scenically magnificent and historically rich areas in Europe - in my own life, from a young age to the present.

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Dream Forest Diary

My book Dream Forest Diary about my childhood in an exotic and historically valuable area of South Wales, the Penllergare Valley, was published in 2008 by Green Arrow Publishing.  I have been delighted that copies of my book have already been bought and read by people in places as far apart as London and California!  Perhaps this is because childhood is a universal experience, although we all have different childhoods.
Copies are now only available from Green Arrow Publishing:

Articles about both Dream Forest Diary and Life and the Limestone Dragon appeared in the South Wales Evening Post:

Working On:

I am currently working on a book about the Russian writer Alexander Solzhenitsyn, and simultaneously on a screenplay on his life.

In addition I have written several articles and poems.

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