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I have been writing creatively since the age of ten, and this site is intended to tell you about my work, and hopefully interest you in it.

This is one of my book signings, on January 10 2009.


My new book is published by Imprint Academic on 20th April 2015.  I have believed, throughout my life, that writers bear a responsibility to confront the cruelty, corruption and dishonesty in the society in which they live.  I have written this book in that spirit, and in the age-old belief that  ' The simple step of the simple, courageous human being is not to take part in the lie, not to support deceit...More, literature can overcome the lie.'

'A slimy Anglicised form of Fascism, with cultured policemen instead of Nazi gorillas and the lion and the unicorn instead of the swastika.' - George Orwell

Orwell's Faded Lion traces the history of Britain from the end of the Second World War, during the darkest days of which George Orwell wroteThe Lion and the Unicorn, calling for a British revolution, to the present.  The book confronts the actual direction taken by British society against the background of the high hopes of the generation that survived the war. The book also considers Britain alongside its European neighbours, drawing upon personal experiences of living and travelling widely in Europe, as well as experience of left-wing party politics and of the Northern Ireland situation in the 1980s.  Anthony James is relentless in condemning the morally corrupt policies of all the major political parties, as well as the means by which the British establishment protects itself, and the current irresponsibility of the anti-European lobby.

Once again visit this site frequently for news, as I update regularly.
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